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Remedy 5 Axis Machining Centers will be available in mid 2015

Our Machines will be available with Fanuc Controls


As you can see in the pictures of the SU-85 Machine we have a unique design
which we feel will provide you a superior product than what our competition offers.

Our Design is as follows. X, Y and W axes are in the table.
Traditionally Machining centers have the X & Y axes on the table. We have added a built in W rotary axis in the table.
This is a very rigid design.

The Head of the machine

The Z axis and the V axis are in the head. Traditional Machines have the Z axis in the head, and ours is dual chain counter weighted. This will increase our Ground Double nut Ball screw life.
The V axis is offset to be on the center line of the Z axis travel. Our machines are offered with or without our ATC unit.We have a standard High speed spindle 8000 RPM with up to 12,000 optional.

Our machines come with full metal enclosures, chip augers, and all of the normal features which Remedy Machinery
is famous for.
As with all Remedy machinery, our machinery is loaded with standard features which our competition sells as options. We know what you need to have a machine producing quality and quantity.

We invite you to see what a remedy machine can do for you.

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