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Service is always available from East Coast EDM and Remedy Machine Sales. Our phones are open from
8:30 am until 6:00 Pm daily, and some Saturdays. If you have any questions ask before you start or attempt
a repair.

We are providing these technical bulletins, and service technical sheets for the customer who may wish to attempt to do simple repairs by themselves.

Important Safety Notes and Disclaimer:

Please read and agree to all of the following:

1) The electricity must be turned off at the main breaker before attempting any repairs.
Do not attempt any repairs without disconnection the power at the main wall feed.
2) Injury or death may result if you do not know what you are doing.
3)If you have any questions ask us before you start, during or attempting any repair.
4) Do not attempt to service any machine, or work in an electrical cabinet if you are not qualified, have electrical knowledge or are uncomfortable attempting to do so.
5) We can not and will not be liable for your mistakes which can cause more damage.
6) We can not and will not be liable for damage which you do, or injury which may result in your attempted repairs.
7) You attempt any and all repairs completely at your own risk.

It is expressly understood and you fully agree to, that: "You have read all of the above statements. That you fully and completely agree that your use of “Do it yourself” (DIY) service is at your own risk, before you press the link below.

The links below enter our “DIY Repair” information pages and technical support links.

Do It Yourself Repair Instructions for Controls & Machinery

Centroid CNC Control
Centroid CNC Control Repair notes M40,
M15, M400, Dos, Linux, and Windows
Remedy Machine Tool
Remedy Machine tools Mills,Lathes,
and all machine tool accessories.
The Centroid Pages jump you to the Centroid / Ajax repair notes page. You will first see the “Technical bulletin” index. This will help you find the proper Tech bulletin number to help you

The Remedy Service Page will jump you to the ”Atrump”  Website.
Then choose the path to your help page.
1) Choose “ Support”
2) You then can page through everything, or Choose “ Tech support download” then choose your required data.



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