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Hassle Free Purchase

Call East Coast EDM and Remedy Machine Sales when you want to purchase a machine.
We will discuss all of the details with you.

A machine purchase is a big deal.
We want to satisfy all of your needs, and the best way to accomplish this is in person.

Call: Ed Tremblay at 215-540-0404
To schedule a meeting at your facility.

Up Front Pricing

We have already provided you the list price for the base machine tool on the machine description page.

However, items including, but not limited to the following are not included in base pricing.
Shipping from the arrival location or manufacturer's facility.
Options: Software and hardware.
Tooling: Tool holders, Coolants
Rigging onto your shop floor
Special training requirements (2nd shift, or weekends)

We will gladly review all of these items, and any concerns you may have in person or on the phone.