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Do you have a Sick machine?
We have a Remedy
for you!

We retrofit Centroid and Fagor - - Mill or Lathe Controls onto CNC Ready Iron.
We will replace that sick, old, or dead control on your mill or lathe and update it with today’s CNC technology. We offer multiple cost effective replacement controls for CNC style mills or lathes.

Replacement of older Bridgeport Boss controls with new CNC systems is very common for us.
We also retrofit CNC Controls onto all types of small to mid-sized machines. Our systems are shipped complete to you from our PA. factory. These controls offer proven reliability, and are loaded with today’s state of the art easy to use features. Best of all - the retrofit can be completed in just a few days.

We have been a Centroid authorized Master Dealer since 1988.
We retrofit Centroid M-400 PC based mill controls onto CNC ready iron. We provide, Service, Sales, and Training on the full line of Centroid controls, including the M10, M15, M400 Dos, Lenox and New Windows systems.

Centroid Controls, are proudly made in State College, PA.
Features include: Conversational programming, High speed machining, Automatic tool length setting, Probing cycles, Digitizing, Rigid tapping, and DXF Cad file importing, to name only a few.

Find out more by giving us a call,
Ed Tremblay 215-540-0404

Put New life into your sick or dead mill and/or lathe.

Put a new control on that old Bridgeport, CNC Knee Mill or any manufactures bed milling machine. We do ATC Machining Center retrofits also.

Centroid M400W 3,4 and 5 axis controls

Video Link

Video Link

CENTROID DEALER VIDEO: Machines in Motion presents "New life to old Iron". Knee mills, lathes to big horizontals, Machine in Motion showcases some of the CENTROID retrofits they have done over the years

Video Link CNC Hardinge Lathe: Hardinge HLV-H toolroom lathe rebuilt and retrofitted 2011. Includes the Centroid CNC control with new MPU 11 motion for very smooth operation manual electronic handwheels. Great lathe for model shop and prototype work. CNC and manual operation. Many in the field. New lathe available as our model TML-5Cnc 5C lathe.
Centroid CNC Controls
We can do the complete retrofit for you. Remove the old control and completely install, test, and provide in house training to your operators to get you up and running quickly.

You save us time and we will save you money, a proven partnership which is powerful and simple.

We will save you money - as we offer a retrofit Partnership to our willing customers!

We at ECEDM will let you work with us, and this will save you money.
Here’s how we do it !
We review the complete installation process with you.
Then we let you choose and do the amount and types of the work that you are comfortable with doing.
Many customers choose to mount the control box, LCD panel, and the axis motors.
This may include modification of your motor mounts. You secure and route the wires to the correct locations.
ECEDM will complete all of the electrical connections for you.

Large machine tools are a great candidate for a new updated control installation and or retrofit.
If you have questions or would like to see a control retrofit video, just give us a call.
We have video links for you to view at the convenience of your office CPU.
We offer free phone estimates, and will gladly review your specific needs and we can offer the best Remedy for your specific needs. Since we offer multiple control types we are larger than one size fits everyone dealer.

The Doctor’s note:

Don’t put a CNC Control onto a small manual knee mill or lathe. The additional costs of ball screws, motor mounts, and axis ways which are not made for CNC has proven that the purchase of a new or used machine is a much better value. We often have used machines and or rebuilt machines which can be a much better value to you.

See more Centroid control details by using this link

We can also support your Fanuc drives and motors with our Centroid controls. This is normally done on larger machining centers.
We can test and reuse your existing drives and motors.
The best of both worlds, an updated Easy to use CNC control and your Fanuc drive system.
Call the Dr. for these exciting new control details !

Fagor Retrofit CNC Controls

Fagor Mill

Absolutely reliable and rugged shop environment CNC Controls. Fagor controls offer intuitive operation without a need for any g-code programming knowledge. Fagor controls are packed full of extraordinary features which other controls sell as options. Closed Loop positioning feedback with rotary encoders, or highly accurate glass scale feedback.
Fagor’s Modular design, makes it easy to replace parts, which will save you money should you ever need service.

We retrofit New Fagor Mill and Lathe Controls onto CNC Ready Iron. Get “Remedy” to replace that sick, or dead control on your mill or lathe.

Find out more by giving us a call,
Ed Tremblay 215-540-0404

Fagor Lathe

We retrofit Fagor Lathe Controls onto CNC ready iron large or small. Chip auger, tool changer, and a host of other options are supported. Let us show you why many other machines offer Fagor lathe controls.
See more using the Fagor website link here.

Fagor DRO

We can install a Fagor 2 or 3 Axis DRO onto your lathe, mill or grinder. Fagor DRO’s all have specialized features, some of these machine specific features are: Mills offer bolt hole, and part centering, where a Lathe DRO offers taper calculation, and tool reference storage. Fagor DRO’s are easy to use and shop duty reliable. MT Scales come in many sizes to fit your mill or Lathe. They display in inch or MM modes. Mill and Lathe DRO models are available.


Fanuc CNC Controls:


Fanuc is the world wide leader in CNC Machine tool Controls.

Fanuc Control Link  
We offer Fanuc Controls as standard equipment on our large gantry mills, and as optional controls on our turning centers and our Machining centers. With more than 3 million CNCs installed worldwide and over 50 years of experience, FANUC is the world leader in CNC and factory automation. When you choose FANUC, you get more than just CNC a system. We deliver innovative solutions that were developed to meet industry needs. Our systems provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership and the highest Mean Time uptime rate (up to 52 years) in the industry. We develop long-term relationships with a world-class technical support team, as well as parts supply and repair for the life of the product. Learn more about how FANUC can help you gain a competitive edge with greater productivity and a better bottom line. We have qualified service technicians who can support new and Older Fanuc controls and we also have some commonly needed repair parts in our support dealership stock. We can offer board level diagnostics and repairs for many older Fanuc Controls through our support dealership network. Remedy machinery with Fanuc controls are offered in multiple Fanuc control formats. Hybrid used Yaskowa motors and drives on our smaller machines. Our Bridge machines use complete Fanuc, Control, drives and all motors including the spindle motor. See our quotes for details.
Fanuc Oi-MD CNC Controls
We retrofit New Fagor Mill and Lathe Controls onto CNC Ready Iron. We will replace that sick, or dead control on your mill or lathe. We support ATC Machining Center retrofits also.

Fanuc Drives and Motors, unmatched performance and quality !

When Quality Knowledgeable Support is required:

Call upon: East Coast EDM & Remedy Machine Sales, LLC (ECEDM)

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