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607 McKean Rd.
Maple Glen, PA 19002
Phone: 215-540-0404
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Ed Tremblay, CEO

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Machinery for sale by East Coast EDM

We sell many types of machines which are found at Machine, Tool & Die, and Mold Shops.

This includes:
Wire EDM,  Ram EDM, and EDM Drills.
Mills, Lathes, Band Saws, Grinders, Welders, Sheers, Press Brakes and more.

We often have small items:
End mills, Drills, Micrometers, Collets, Ladders, Shop Fans, and more.

We never have an inventory list to send out!

This is because we can not keep it up to date.
We welcome our customers to call, or visit us by appointment.
We will gladly e-mail you pictures of a machine in which you are interested.

Most used machinery sales are in “AS-IS” condition.
This does not mean that you have to guess about a machines condition,
or will get stuck with a piece of junk!
We will gladly power up a machine for your detailed testing at our facility.

Any warranty’s offered are always posted and in writing on your sales receipt.

We want your surplus machines!
Call Ed Tremblay @ 215-540-0404
about your excess, or used machinery

We buy all types of surplus machine shop tools and machinery large or small.
We are interested in a single machine or your complete machine shop.

Before you call we would like you to have some basic information for us.

Can you e-mail us pictures?
Have the Mfg’s name, model number, serial number, and basic specifications.
Proof of ownership is required.

We offer prompt removal of the equipment purchased.
E-mail pictures of your machinery to us, or simply call us to schedule a visit.

Please note: We have to be able to test the machinery prior to any purchase.
We pay for all machinery prior to removal.

Scrap Removal

Do you have old, or junk machinery to get rid of?
We are interested in your junk and scrap.
Why leave it outside your shop where it is unsightly to your customers, and a safety hazard.
We can often times remove it at no cost to you.
All machinery must be drained of any oils and coolants prior to pick up.