Classic CNC Control Repairs by Remedy. We offer board level repairs for multiple brands of PC Based controls

In order to provide any service,  we need to have this basic information:
Name, Phone number, Full address, E-mail address
Machine Type, brand and model number.
Present Control Brand: Year new, Model number and Serial number.
Problem: When it started and brief description of the issues.

Control Shipping:

Pack it securely & professionally. Insure the shipping to us for Minimum…. $ 2,500.00.

Repair Policy’s:

a) Payment in full for all repairs, before we will return ship the unit to you.
*b) We charge a $250.00 evaluation fee. Charged, even if you decide not to repair the unit.
*c) We will provide you with a verbal or written repair estimate before ordering parts.
*b&c: During Service we could find hidden problems that will change this estimate.
d) We will continue only when we receive your approval to proceed with the repair.
e) We cannot stock all older parts. We order replacement parts, receive then, install them and bench test all controls before we will return the control to you.

Please respect our established procedures and policies.

We are the largest Centroid Board level Technical Control repair service center in the USA.
We will not service any control that has a past due invoice,  including to Centroid or any Dealer.
We will provide you a RMA Number, so your repair can be tracked and so we can quickly access your service    activity and history.

We have multiple units arriving weekly, as we are a high volume service center, our policies have been established to serve you better and to expedite all repairs.
If you do not follow our policy’s, your service will be delayed!


1) Your RMA Number MUST be on the shipping label.
2) Proper packing “No peanuts” or processing delays will be incurred.
3) A written list of the problems and errors you are experiencing.
This saves time as the service engineer may not be the person you spoke with on the phone.

POLICY: NO Packing Peanuts EVER:

1) The Mess      2) Possible Static electricity damage to your control.
3) The peanut partials (mess and floating particles) could negatively affect other control repairs in process              and could cause instrumentation errors at our service center.

We will not continue to open packages at our service Lab when peanuts are found.
Packages arriving with peanuts are taken to our warehouse ½ hour away, opened, cleaned, static energy grounded and then returned to our lab to start your evaluation.    Expect a 2-4 day delay for this to be completed.                      DO not put peanuts in plastic bags – No Peanuts !


We refuse to be responsible in any way for ANY inbound shipping damage.
If your unit arrives damaged – because you did not pack it correctly or if it is the shippers fault.
All shipping damage and or additional repairs are completely your responsibility.   Insurance coverage was recommended cover any loss and/or the additional repairs!   We will inform you ASAP/same day that your unit arrives, if it is damaged and it is your responsibility to contact the shipper and to do all collection for this damage.


We attempt to turn around all repairs quickly.  Parts for older controls can be difficult to locate.  We have multiple sources both domestic and off shore.  We do everything we can, NOT to use anything from China, this is because of the poor quality parts.  We want your control fixed and returned to you ASAP,  because of our limited space and commitment to fast service to our customers.


Your system was fully tested in our facility.  We take and provide pictures, video or both are taken of your system live on our test bench.    30 day warranty, ONLY for the Items we repaired in your system.
If  any item we repaired fails, we will re-fix it at No Charge.   Please note, that your control is OLD we did test it before returning it to you, however you could also have a machine tool issue that is causing this secondary failure.
Should your experience any further failure, this additional control repair will be offered without a evaluation or documentation fee, and we will document any and all new items that were repaired.

If a secondary repair is needed, we will then strongly recommend that a local qualified Centroid Service technician is hired to inspect your entire machine and control before the second repaired control is installed