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Simply contact us or any of our associates if you require more information on any of our machinery.  A machine purchase is a big deal.  We will schedule a visit, do a in house control demonstration and answer all of your questions.  We will review all of your purchase details so we can get it right together.  We understand how important it is that your new machine arrives ready to work. With this visit we can look the types of work you are doing and then review the tooling and work holding options and which will be best fit for you.

Email or better yet – call: Ed Tremblay   –  Let’s schedule a meeting at your facility. ~ 215-540-0404

Up Front Pricing

We have proudly listed the base price for many of our machines so you can shop here without having to have a salesman calling you.  Educated customers will see that we are competitively priced and Remedy has a higher level of quality, customer support and we inventory repair parts for any future need. 

           When you shop for machinery the lowest price is not always your best value.
       We are very proud that we offer Great, Competitive Prices & Superior Quality!

You should note that the following items are not included in base pricing:

  • Shipping from our facility to your dock or rigger.
  • Options: upgrades to Software and/or Hardware.
  • Tooling: Tool & work holding, Oils & Coolants.
  • Rigging onto your shop floor.
  • Special training requirements.  (2nd shift, or weekends)
  • Electrical requirements: Phase converters or boosters & Power connection.

We are here to help and review everything with you.
We will answer all of the questions you have in person or on the phone.