CNC Knee Mills

Remedy CNC Knee Mills: Rigid or Swivel Head designs are available. All are offered with the Remedy R21i Industrial Control with Centroid software

Today, CNC Knee mills are being replaced by CNC bed mills.  This is because Knee mills have a limited Z axis travel of only 4 to 5 inches.   Our Remedy Bed mills have a manual Quill feature which we feel gives you the best of both Knee mill and Bed mill worlds.

2 axis cnc knee mill

We offer both Centroid and Fagor Retrofit controls for 2 axis (Left) and 3 axis (Below) CNC Knee Mills.   We can replace your tired, aging or dead control.

         Remedy fix all brands of CNC controls!
Consider Remedy repairs before you replace that old, dead or outdated control.

We also offer New CNC Knee Mills with the Remedy R21i controls w/Centroid software or Fagor controls, both with the new hardware you may need.

cnc knee mill with Fagor

We also offer Used and/or Rebuild CNC Knee Mills with Repaired controls or our New Remedy R21i control with the same Centroid software you know and have been using for many years.

Remedy R21i Control with Centroid software

  • 15 Color LCD w/ Conversational Programming and Color graphics
  • 4.5 – 5.0” Quill – Full CNC Z axis operation
    Some machines offer both Manual and CNC Operation.
  • 3 HP Spindle Motor, R8 or # 30 Taper Spindle Tapers
  • 20-4500 rpm Programmable spindle w/Back gear for low RPM power
  • Hardened & Ground with Turcite-B coating machine ways.
  • Heavy Duty C5 Precision Ground Double nut ball screws,
    have higher accuracy and better repeatability.
  • FC30 Meehanite Casting Base, Column and Head.
  • Dovetail X and Box Y&Z way design.
  • Way covers on all three axes.
  • Automatic lubrication system with Low Lube alarm.
  • Optional: Work lamp, Coolant System and guarding.

Travel X/Y/Z/KTool ChangeCNC SystemSpindle MotorAxis MotorsFOB
K3VLCBT3031/14/5”K16Manual or PDBR21i w/Centroid3HPAC .75/.75/1KW$35,500
Control – R21i = Remedy Industrial w/Centroid software

  • Table size (Hardened and Ground): …10” x 54”
          with  (3)  “T” Slots
  • Longitudinal travel (X axis): ………..  31.0”
  • Cross travel (Y axis): ……………………….  14.5”
  • Vertical travel (Z axis): …..Knee……. 16.0”
  • Quill Travel (Hardened and Chromed)…  4.5”
  • Quill Diameter: …………………………….. 4.375”
  • Spindle nose to table top (D): ……. 1.31”~16.75”
  • Spindle center to column front surface: 23.62”
  • Load capacity: ……………………  600 lb. Center Load
  • Spindle taper: ……………………..R8 or 30T Spindle
  • Speed (rpm): …………………….  20 to 4500 rpm
  • Spindle Speed ( Delta Inverter) …. 50-570/600-4500 RPM
  • Transmission of Power motor to spindle: Belt
     Spindle Inverter w/R21i: …………………  Delta
  •  No ATC –  Manual or PDB
           Air 80 PSI required for PDB
  • Feed Rates: R21i Centroid control
  • Rapid feed rate: X/Y: 200 ipm Z: 150 ipm
  • Cutting feed rate: ……………1-200 ipm
  • Head swivel (Right/ Left) Fixed
  • Feed motors: …Delta AC Motors & Drives
  • Axis Motor Size: XY=.75kW   Z=1kW
  • Motors:
  • Spindle motor HP: …….3 HP
  • Coolant pump:………   0.3 HP
  • Lubrication pump: …… 150 W
  • Power: ………..5 KVA, 3 Ph. 208-230 VAC
  • General:
  • Area: Wide/Deep/High .…100 x 90 x 95H
  • Weight: ……………..   4,200 lbs.

Control Options: For Retrofits

Remedy R21i w/Centroid software for Mills.

Remedy R21i Industrial Control w/Centroid Software is a Windows control specifically built to be placed in Industrial applications.   We only use industrial grade Computers and hardware designed for the harsh environments found in many machine shops.   Remedy understands that uptime is an important part of your profitability.

 Remedy’s    2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty  on all “ Remedy R21i Controls Retrofits !

– Windows Professional operating system, Industrial PC, 15″ Color LCD w/graphics, all breakers –
       no fuses.
– High volume fans and exhaust ports, both with easy change filters.
– Delta motors, Drives and inverters standard, Yaskawa in larger machines or if requested.
Intercon: Easy Conversational programming, creates 98% Fanuc compatible G-code, 
       easy teach in cycles.
-“DXF read-in”  conversational programming builds Fanuc G-code tool paths and 3 axis machining.
 Easy programming, rectangular, circular and irregular shape pocket machining,  face mill,
       thread mill cutter comp, drilling cycles,  integrated tool library,  run time estimates
       graphical math help.
-8 Gig.  Reliable Solid State memory program storage, easy editing with our windows text editor, read, write and save programs
          to a USB key (2) ports, and/or com ports.
Learn more by following this link to [ Remedy R21i Control ] data

Fagor Controls for Mills and Lathes:
The Fagor 8055i CNC control combines value and reliability with a featured packed compact industrial hardened control.   Fagor Mill and Lathe controls are shop hardened with a sealed keyboard and enclosed design.   Fagor’s very powerful operating system consists of 2 systems in 1 control.  Both are easy to program using a Icon Key based conversational system or a Conventional Fanuc style G-code programming system in the same control.   Fagor’s “Icon Key” programming  and Graphic assist in all programming screens enabling fill in the blank programming.  The keyboard has color coded keys to easy programming. The 10.4 inch color LCD is clear and bright for zooming and 3D uses.

Learn more by following this link to  [ Fagor Control ] data


Standard Accessories

  • Remedy R21i Control
  • Large 15″ Color LCD
  • Centroid conversational Programming
  • Operation manual set
  • Auto lube system
  • Manual/Programmable Coolant system
  • Schematic set Work light (2) USB 2.0 ports
  • Toolbox Leveling Bolts & Pads
  • 8 GB solid state hard drive
  • 4 Mb Part Program Size
  • Compression tapping
  • Cutter Compensation
  • Table enclosure options
  • Subs & Macros Software

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