The Hansvedt/Joemars (H/J) CNC control and power supply was developed by a group engineers and technicians with a strong history of shop floor and theoretical experience in EDM. All H/J power supplies and controls are engineered to provide years of trouble free operation and they all have outstanding features.

H/J EDM machines are available with multiple sizes power supplies. 50,75,100,125 and 150 amp models are available for you to choose from. We already sized the machine with the most popular amp P/S on our price sheet for easy reference for you.

EDM Settings include:
On-Time = 0.5 to 1800 microseconds – Off-Time=infinitely variable – Peak Current = 25 steps @ 50 amps
Servo Speed = infinitely variable – Gap voltage = infinitely variable – Capacitor = (optional) 45 steps

New Fuzzy Logic Control

The control sensors exceeds the speed and ability of a skilled operator / The controller Optimizes the machining conditions ( Off time, Electrode gap, Servo speed, Flushing height, Jump cycle time and more ) 

The Z axis is programmable for automatic machining.

Program storage of 50 programs. A program can be run in a single step mode or in automatic with a maximum of 10 machining steps in each program. Each step has 12 machining conditions/parameters.  The Fuzzy logic control has 9600 sets of machining conditions available for your use. File machining setting can be changed during
your cut as wanted. These settings can easily be modified and saved for future use as you would like.

Machining in the automatic mode using the Fuzzy logic controller can improve your machining speeds between 10 to 45% faster than a manual or conventional mode of machining. Hansvedt’s years of technology and experience can provide you with faster machining times.

Let Remedy and Hansvedt Technology help you today.

Hansvedt’s adaptive control helps when your electrode surface area is constantly changing. Electrode wear is reduced, machining speed increased and DC arcing is lowered or eliminated.

The Fuzzy logic control system monitors the cut and adjusts the machining parameters whenever a unstable condition happens.
After the poor condition is cleared the control will return to the desired machining condition to achieve the best results for the cavity being machined.

The Fuzzy logic system makes thin rib machining easier,
faster and stabilizes the cut during the entire process for you.

Learn more about how the Hansvedt/Joemars controls and machines will help all of your EDM needs.
Remedy offers Manual Ram EDM, ZNC REDM, Wire EDM and High speed EDM Drills.

All EDM Machines are F.O.B. – Hansvedt Urbana IL

Delivery – Call for our latest stock list
Shipping & Rigging – Remedy will provide you accurate pricing specifically to your purchase.

Terms – 40% deposit with order Balance due Net 10 days from completed installation and training.
Taxes – Federal are included, any state or local taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Installation & Training – Hansvedt has included these items into the base price of their machinery.
This is only valid with Hansvedt machinery not Knuth EDM machines.

Warranty – 12 Months limited warranty for any defects in material or workmanship of the machine tool,
power supply, control and all factory installed items.

Validity – Remedy Proposals are valid for 30 days. All specifications are copied from factory literature and are
deemed correct.