Remedy Manual Lathes

Centroid, Anilam, Fagor & Fanuc controls are available.

Knuth Basic Plus

Knuth Basic Plus

Main Features:

Knuth Basic Plus… Base price: …… P.O.R.

Machine Specifications:

  • Swing Over the Bed: ………….     12″                                 
  • Swing Over Saddle: …………….    7″
  • Swing Over Gap: …………………  19 ½”   
  • Width of Bed: ……………………..    7″
  • Cross Slide Travel: ……………..    6.1″                   
  • Compound Rest Travel: ……….    4″ swing 60 deg.
  • Distance between Centers: ……   31.9″                 
  • Spindle motor: ……………….…   1.5 HP
  • RPM -…. 9 speeds: … 60-155 RPM                                                
  • Spindle bore: …………………      1.0”
  • Spindle mount:….. Camlock D1-4
  • Spindle taper: …………….…       MT5
  • Inch and MM tapping                                           
  • Machine area: ………….. 63 x 30 x 50”
  • Machine weight: ………….……    1200 lbs.

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Remedy 1340 Lathe

Remedy 1340 GL Lathe: 1 phase
Remedy 1340 GH Lathe: 3 phase

Remedy 1340 Lathe

Standard Features

  • Rigid Meehanite Cast Bed  Hardened and Ground Bed Ways
  • Hardened and Ground Gears in the Head stock
  • Inch/Metric Threading (32 Pitch each)
  • Hardened and Ground Crossfeed Screw 
  • Precision Taper roller bearings
  • Machine Weight… 1075 lbs.
  • 6″ 3‑Jaw Chuck,  8″ 4‑Jaw Chuck,  Steady Rest
  • Coolant System Ready
  • Inch/Metric Thread Dial  
  • Steady Rest 
  • 4 Way Tool Post (GH Model)
  • Tool Box & Operational Manual
  • Floor Space 58 x 25 x 48″

Remedy 1440 G Lathe

Remedy 1440 G Lathe

Package Features:

  • Rigid Meehanite Cast Gap Bed   
  • Hardened and Ground Bed Ways
  • Hardened and Ground Gears in the Head stock    
  • 5 HP spindle motor
  • Spindle speeds (8) 65 – 2000 RPM
  • D1-4 Camlock
  • Inch/Metric Threading (32 Pitch each)
  • Precision Taper Roller Bearings                             
  • Inch/Metric Thread Dial               
  • 6″ 3‑Jaw Chuck, 8″ 4‑Jaw Chuck
  • Steady Rest, Follow Rest, 10″ Face Plate                 
  • Built in Coolant System
  • Micrometer Stop Halogen Lamp
  • Splash Guard                  
  • Foot Brake                      
  • Chuck Guard w/Emergency Stop
  • 4 Way Tool Post Tool Box & Operational Manual                  
  • Gap Bed

Remedy 17” Series manual lathes

Bed Lengths available are 1740 - 1760 - 1780

Remedy 17” Series manual lathes

17″ Features:

  • Rigid Meehanite Cast Gap Bed   
  • Hardened and Ground Bed Ways
  • Hardened and Ground Gears in the Head
  • 7.5 HP spindle motor
  • D1-6 Camlock w/2 ¼ spindle bore
  • Spindle speeds (8) 65 – 2000 RPM
  • Inch/Metric Threading (32 Pitch each)
  • Precision Taper Roller Bearings               
  • Inch/Metric Thread Dial               
  • 8″ 3‑Jaw Chuck, 12″ 4‑Jaw Chuck,
  • Steady Rest, Follow Rest
  • 14″ Face Plate                 
  • Coolant System
  • Micrometer Stop 
  • Halogen Lamp
  • Splash Guard                  
  • Foot Brake        
  • Chuck Guard w/Emergency Stop
  • 4 Way Tool Post Tool Box & Operational Manual         
  • Gap Bed

Machine and Control Training:  Training Options: 100 mile radius of Phila., PA

  •  REM-MSU   Remedy machine set up and warranty validation/start – without training needed ….            $1,500.00
  •  RSU-VTP  Set up warranty start – 90 days access to our Centroid video training program……..           $2,000.00

Video training is available for Centroid and Fagor controls only

  • IHT-NATC  In House Training (2 days) 5 hour day training & travel Non ATC Mills………………         $2,250.00
  • IHT-ATC  In House Training (3 days) 5 hour day training & travel for ATC Mills…………………        $3,350.00
  • XIHT……..      Additional days of in house training or future training dates…………………………        $850.00

Remedy Set up Installation is not training, Training is additional as listed above.

 Training is required for your first Remedy Machine only. 

 Remedy set up installation is required for our machine warranty to be validated at start up.

 Outside of area training, additional travel charges will be quoted to your location.

– Lathe Tooling Packages –
Many packages and options our lathes

Lathe Tooling

Get the details!  Call us for a detailed quotation, and get more details of our:  Tooling packages, in-house training, shipping, rigging and get all of the machine features that are listed in our full quotations.

Have a salesman give you call to discuss these details and our complete machine packages specials.

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Shipping, rigging, tooling, Digital Read outs (DRO) and all of the options details are listed in our full quotations.  Request one today!

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Remedy Manual and CNC Lathes:  Purchase terms.

Remedy lathes are F.O.B. – Southampton, PA.

    Knuth Lathes are F.O.B – Chicago IL

We will load your truck or trailer at No Charge daily or some weekends.

      Please note that pick up and or self-installation machinery terms are always prepaid, additionally you must have proper tie down materials for safe machine transportation. 

Call for our latest stock list as it changes daily.

Shipping & Rigging
Remedy will provide you accurate pricing specifically for your machinery purchase.

Pricing varies because of machine size and weights and your delivery requirements.

With Remedy Installation: 40% deposit with order, Balance due Net10 days from completed installation.  With customer pick up and/or customer installation the machine must be prepaid.

Should the customer require installation delays 90% payment is due at 10 days.

Federal are included, any state or local taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Some states and/or counties have local tax’s and we cannot know about all local tax’s or to be liable for these.

Remedy offers in depth and detailed in-house training for all new customers.  We also have video training available here in our website.  Manual lathes may not require training, we will provide a review at set up of the machine.  If additional training is needed we will work with you to create a customized package specifically to fit your needs.

12 Months limited warranty for any defects in material or workmanship of the machine tool and all factory installed items.

Remedy Price sheet prices were current 1-1-21. Current Prices and specifications are corrected in our quotations and we will provide you a firm quotation upon request.   All specifications are copied from factory literature and they are deemed correct.

We do not export any Machinery


               * All pricing is valid 1-2021 please refer to our quotations for all updates to specifications and  pricing.